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But surely you don't do much in the winter?

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It would be extremely useful if I received £1 for every time I tell someone what I do and they say “but surely there’s not much to do in the winter?” If they could only see the lists I make. 

Here is a current example:

And that’s not even the half of it! 
Autumn and Winter garden tasks tend to be grander in scale than those in spring and summer but the difference is that we have more time. The pressure to water everything everyday (sometimes more often) has, for the most part, passed and with it passes the running from one end of the garden to the other.
Autumn and winter tasks are heavier. More shovelling, more carting things about in wheelbarrows, more sawing and chopping but if, like me, you’re up for it then you will find the deepest pleasure in the weak winter warmth on your face.
More than anything it’s the excitement of planning for the next growing season that I revel in. Not much beats the thrill of ripping open a box to reveal hundreds of bulbs, each one promising an unrivalled jewel-shot of spring colour. 

Maybe it’s all about regaining some sort of perceived control over a garden that has been so gloriously and colourfully out of control for the summer months. 

Yep, it’s a control thing!
So, to all those kindly people who worry that I might be twiddling my thumbs all off-season……please don’t worry. My back is aching nicely, my pink cheeks are clashing with my red hair and my smile reaches from ear to ear.