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International Flying Topiary Artist……

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…….is my dream job title.

Over the last fifteen years or so I have occasionally allowed my gardening daydreams to wander skywards. My professional life is pretty much great but everyone has dreams and my dream is to travel the gardening world with my shears. I would clip cloud hedges in Japan; I would snip the famous hunt scene at Ladew Gardens in the USA, then I might swoop South to Florida where I would tend to Mickey and Minnie at Disney World. I would spend some time in the formal gardens of France and Italy, immersing myself in the centuries old tradition of parterres. I would save the very best until last because the quirkiest, most eccentric topiary is right here in the UK. I would help the team of gardeners with the AMAZING and huuuuuge shapes at Levens Hall in Cumbria and then I would come back home to Brian the Snail.

It could happen. One day. I’m still dreaming!