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Introducing Aubrey the Leveret ~ The Cirencester Town Council and Tourist Information Centre small hare ~ 20/6/2017

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This is Aubrey the Leveret. He is Lavender the Fosseway Garden Centre Hare’s little brother and he is living in Cirencester Tourist Information Centre this summer on The Cotswold Hare Trail 2017. 


Aubrey the Leveret is sponsored by Cirencester Town Council. They wanted me to endeavour to show the connection between the town and its lovely, green open spaces. I hope that I have managed to capture some of the bustle of Cirencester Town and the wilderness of its surroundings. 
Aubrey has a scene of Cirencester Farmers Market on his rear. The impressive architecture of Cirencester’s historic centre is depicted including the stunning Church of St. John the Baptist. The market is packed full of delicious wares and happy shoppers (there is even a tiny leveret hidden amongst the stalls). 
The market scene merges into wildflowers. There are native ferns, wild geraniums, forget-me-nots, cowslips, bluebells and the star of the show, depicted on Aubrey’s front legs, the Southern Marsh Orchid. All of these beautiful plants can be found amongst the open green spaces of Cirencester and it’s surrounds. 
As a horticulturalist and an artist it is very important for me to promote the special areas where these wildflowers can be found. The very observant might even spot one of our stunning native orchids. Green spaces and all the flowers that dwell in them support lots of wildlife including hares. 
I have been thrilled to support The Cotswold Hare Trail 2017. It is a great way to see parts of the Cotswolds that may be previously unknown to you and a wonderful way to get young people excited about destinations both historical and modern.