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Notes from a Head Gardener ~ Admonishments and ‘must try harder’s’

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A confidence boosting public speaking course has pushed me to be enormously brave. I have taken a number of bookings for talks in 2020. In preparation for this I have sat down to look through my photographic archive. That makes it sound awfully grand – it is a hard drive full to bursting with photographs documenting the last fifteen years of my gardening career. I have a lot of pre-digital photographs but I will not make my life any harder at this stage by trawling through these.

Summer harvest 2016. Inspiration for 2020

It has been an interesting exercise. The large Cotswold garden that I have tended for the last ten years has changed hugely. Mostly for the better but sometimes for the worse. It has raised some interesting and frustrating questions: Where did the Actaea go? How is it that I could grow beautiful Delphiniums in one particular border but now I struggle to get them past the very-tasty-to-molluscs stage. Why am I no longer allowed to grow brassicas? They looked amazing! Should I sneak some in?!

July 2013 – brassicas, runner beans….even marigolds. I must try harder.

The garden needs a boost. The garden needs more Actaea’s and Delphiniums. Looking back has focused my preparation for 2020 – for my new venture into public speaking and in my gardens.

June 2019 in the vegetable garden. I must not be too hard on myself – it could look much worse!