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Nicola Hope Horticulture & Design

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Fabulous horticulturalist Michael Perry, or Mr Plant Geek as he is more widely known on television and his social media platforms, has designed a T-shirt with the slogan ‘Please don’t ask me to design your garden’ across the front.

It is aimed at horticulturalists and plants people who will inevitably be asked at most social occasions to redesign someone’s garden… at least once. It’s very flattering and I would always give it a go if that someone was serious and was willing to pay me my going rate – I can draw, I know about plants and I relish creativity… but we are horticulturists, not designers. We grow plants. Until now. Now I can do it all!

Here’s another slogan: ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’. I never wanted to ‘beat’ designers (although I suspect most gardeners have thought about it when they are forced to work in a garden that has been poorly designed) and I’ve always appreciated great design. Now I am joining the design world with great excitement and armed with lots of smart new skills and techniques thanks to the excellent teaching at The Cotswold Gardening School. So, please DO ask me to design your garden. Now I am Nicola Hope Horticulture & Design.